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A+ Quality Papers

What is the most important judgement criteria for papers? Quality. We deliver customised A+ quality papers that will be a proof of the value you derive. Inclusion of concepts taught in class in the papers will be ensured so that the paper’s quality is not compromised at any aspect. No grammar errors and quality sentence structuring will make your paper absolutely worthy of an A+ grade. We deliver results that prove our promise.

24/7 Customer Support

CaseSolutionGuru offer 24/7 customer support for your needs. You are our priority and we make sure that you get the priority by responding to every need and service at your convenience. You do not have to wait to be served, we wait to serve you. We strive meet every expectation and demand that you have from us.


Free Revisions

Still not satisfied with the end result? Don’t worry, at casesolutionguru, your revisions for the paper will be absolutely free. This is because our business strives to attain your satisfaction. These revisions can be done free of cost up to the extent that you are completely satisfied with the work. Revisions are not also time bound. Received tutor’s comments after a few weeks? Months? We’ll still revise it for you for free.

No Plagiarism

We guarantee no plagiarism in the work done. Our clients from all across the world are testimonials to this guarantee. The customised papers are 100% original and not copied from elsewhere. Exceptional quality with no plagiarism complaints ensures you an A+ grade as well as appreciation. Our advanced softwares detect plagiarism and makes sure that you receive the best quality of papers that does not hinder you way to success.


Qualified Tutors

Tutors from the best colleges and universities customise papers completely according to your requirements. We hire the best from the best and make sure that they deliver quality to you. Each paper is assigned to the experts of that subject who ensure that there is no compromise on quality. From the best to the best, that is our motto that drives our tutors to deliver the best of results for you.

Timely Delivery

Getting late with your assignments? No worries, we offer you timely delivery without any compromise on the quality of the paper. You will never miss a deadline trusting us. We offer time precision with quality that makes us different from other options. Our timely delivery makes our customers trust us even when they are short of time. We make promises and keep them as well.



What do we excel in

  • Our services provide focused, authentic, original and unique case solutions pertaining to the fields of marketing, accounting, finance and strategic management.
  • The field of management is rapidly changing, and is subject to advanced changes every day.
  • The decision making processes for managers are also challenged, and changing everyday based on the varying dynamics of the internal and external environmental and business variables.

Our team of writers

  • Our expert team of writers and case study solution writers ensure this integration when solving the cases.
  • All our case solutions are grounded in theoretical knowledge and models, and are supported with the experience of exposure to the business world.
  • We have a team of experts who have all graduated from well-known universities across the country
  • They also have a professional experience in the corporate and the business fields of their choice for at the least seven years or more.
  • Many of these experts are still working in the corporate and the business sector, and are exposed to the changing trends and variables of the business environment.
  • These experts use their academic knowledge, as well as professional experience to develop original, authentic, and relevant case solutions to meet your needs and requirements.
  • All our case solution writers ensure that they work with you, instead of working in isolation
  • The mutual working together helps you develop a deeper understanding of the case as well as the case solution to help you present it well, and at the same time, add to your knowledge.
  • This also enables our experts to develop solutions that match your program level, and course difficulty levels.
  • We also ensure that the case solution incorporates materials and theories taught and shared by the instructor during the course with the students. This makes the case solutions ore relevant and focused, as well as more compatible with the course needs.
  • More than often, same case studies are used for different courses, and different programs. For these case studies, there is not set solution. Instead, we focus on the course direction, and course learning on these cases, and apply the same when preparing the case solution.
  • Our team of experts will also help you in doing this so that you get what is needed out of the solution.

Best prices

  • We offer the best prices for case solutions.
  • Our case study analysis and case solutions vary from high school to bachelor to master to post-grad levels.
  • We offer the most cometitive prices for case solutions, and offer our customers service for money.
  • We work with the intention of ensuring that your grade is facilitated, and that you add to your knowledge bank without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Our prices are the best in the market, and we assure you that you will not be disappointed!

Timely delivery

  • Our services stand apart from those of the competition because of the timely delivery.
  • Regardless of how urgently you need the solution, our services will ensure that it is assigned to an expert
  • You will get the solution as and when you need it.
  • The case analysis and case solution will always be focused on quality, without compromising on the content.

Decision making and real life knowledge

  • Case studies are written and ask students and the reader for a way forward
  • Require strong decision making through thorough strategic thinking, analysis
  • Case solution should be based not only on knowledge and case data, but also take into account the real-life situations and trends in the business sector.
  • Integrating the practicalities of the business sector is more important in case study solutions and case analysis to be able to relate the theoretical knowledge with the practicality, so as to apply it as well.
  • This application and connection of theoretical knowledge with real life situations and business trends allows case solutions a more holistic, complete and relevant outlook.
  • For strategic management case studies, case analysis and as solutions, the need for this integration is all the more important as decision making is subject to external and internal factors.

Case analysis templates and examples

  • We have also added a case analysis template. All case solutions will not necessarily adhere to this template, but most of the business cases require this level of analysis.
  • You can check your case solutions against this template to improvise further, and ask for our help too.
  • We have also provided a business case template for the same purposes – which is used for business case solutions only.
  • We have also made available a marketing case study example. This case study example comes with a case solution. This is made available for you to assess and review our level of expertise and precision.
  • The marketing case study, and its subsequent analysis and solution will help you in understanding how we integrate practical business knowledge with theory to develop a unique, original and a real life solution for the cases.
  • These solutions, as you will see, also use the data and information from the case. However, the thought process and ability to fore thick comes from the practical business experience of our expert team members.


Work with us, to help you in achieving a better understanding of the business dynamics by bring case studies to life with the case solutions!

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