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Himalaya Face Wash Brand Associations and Lifestyles Simplified Chinese version Case Solution


The Himalaya Drug Company is keen on acquiring bits of knowledge into how the way of life of shoppers is connected with the utilization of face washes, particularly of its own image. As the number of inhabitants in India, which is essentially less than 35 years old, turns out to be more wealthy and hesitant, individual preparing has turned out to be more imperative. A few brands have situated themselves in the business sector as per different qualities and advantages. Himalaya needs to comprehend the effect of qualities and ways of life both on the class of face washes and on the brands in this classification. The case makes utilization of a shopper overview directed in December 2011 that researched the way of life of purchasers and joined it to different face wash brands through the idea of laddering. Were the traits and advantages of the brands connected with the ways of life of the customers? How were qualities connected with brand affiliation? Himalaya would like to acquire bits of knowledge through these inquiries to find how it can viably contend with its rivals through marking affiliation.

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