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The Greek Crisis Tragedy or Opportunity Case Solution


A blend of different historical factors adds to be the wellsprings of Greek emergency. Corrupt political framework working in the regions of duty avoidance and progressively elevating bribery continued to making a stage for the Greek emergency. The corrupt political framework nourished up to debilitate the economy because of managerial burdens and reliance on creation of couple of items in-house. The social forces than worked much more in the weakening of Greece by nationalizing the enterprises. The Greek crisis was further taken ahead by putting resources into general society part and giving high wages and annuities. General society area was not sufficiently skillful to be paid such high wages.

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Questions Covered

1- What do you see as the main sources of the Greek crisis?

2- Evaluate the domestic and international response to the crisis. Did being in the Euro help or hurt?

3- How do you judge the scenarios from here? Can Greece make it?