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Space Shuttle Case Solution


After the successful accomplishment of the Apollo series, NASA was preparing yet another breakthrough. This time NASA proposed a space program that would guarantee a regular access to the space through its space station and the reusable space shuttle. It was around 1986, when the manufacturing of the actual design took place. The case talks about the how the shuttle design involved two solid rocket launchers which needed the O-rings to seal its respective joints. After every launch that took place, these launchers were recovered for a proper inspection so that they could be reused if only the O-rings were not yet worn out. This was the incredible space shuttle challenger that had accomplished 9 successful mission and was again prepared to complete its tenth. It was indeed not surprising to see its increasing popularity, mostly due to the remarkable job of its public relations program by the name of “Teacher in space Program”. The evening before the 28th Jan 1986 launch, there were representatives from the Kennedy Space Center, the Marshall Space Flight Center and Morton Thiokol contractor, to critically evaluate the impact of low temperatures on the performances of the O-Rings.

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