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Applied Research Technologies Inc Global Innovations Challenges Case Solution


The contextual investigation tends to advance a noteworthy administrative challenge at Applied Research Technologies, Inc. Vyas, the general director, assumed control over a group at Filtration Unit, which was confronting two difficulties, low spirit and high turnover. For this reason, Vyas employed new abilities with entrepreneurial mentality that dealt with the high turnover, while propelling them sufficiently to perform at their depictions. Also, the new VP, Cynthia Jackson, was confronted by a central test of permitting a demand to provision $2 million for the re-dispatch of a scaled down water-oxidation item. This item dispatch has had two failures beforehand. The Indian Technical Center (ITC) was assumed an essential part inside the innovative work endeavors in progress to make the water oxidation item. One of the essential errands for Peter was additionally to deal with this diverse culture within the team. Presently, after broad research and a three stage plan, the heightened moment was at standard to satisfy such a major request.

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Questions Covered

1. Determine the leadership style that Peter Vyas exhibited as he considered the group’s proposal and provide examples of his behavior.

2. What leadership style did Vyas’ boss, Cynthia Jackson, exhibit as she considered the proposal?

3. Typify your leadership style and indicate how you would let your team know your response to this proposal.

4. Describe one (1) of your bosses who exhibited the same types of behaviors as Cynthia Jackson and explain how effective that leadership style fit the project.