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Philips versus Matsushita The Competitive Battle Continues Case Solution


Phillips and Matsushita are organizations creating electronic items for quite a while in the market. Amid this time, both organizations have encountered high points and low points in their money related execution. A correlation between them two clarifies the way that both have their own upper hand on which they defeat different rivals in the market. Innovative progression and extension have been discovered regular in both the cases prevalently. Over the timeframe, managerial legacy has offered the new administration group with pre-emptive guidelines and gauges which can be re utilized if effective or association can be re organized keeping in mind the end goal to make it supportable over the long haul.

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Questions Covered

1. How did Philips become leading Consumer Electronics Company in the world? Based on what distinctive competencies? What role the Philip’s administrative heritage played in its success/failure?

2. How did Matsushtia succeed in displacing Phillips? Based on what distinctive competencies? What role has Mastsushtia administrative heritage played in its success/failure? 

3. What recommendations would you make to Gerald Kleisterlee, to Eumio Ohtsubo?