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Acumen Fund Measurement in Impact Investing B Case Solution


As Acumen Fund, a worldwide wander charity firm, pushes ahead with a speculation portfolio surpassing $22 million, it keeps running into two basic estimation issues. To start with, by what means would it be a good idea for it to track the execution of every speculation when its advantage is all that really matters, as well as social effect? What ought to its execution following framework look like to empower simplicity of correlation and to recognize issues before they turn out to be excessively noteworthy, making it impossible to settle? The second test includes pulling in speculators. Intuition needs to assemble the field of "social contributing" by making another benefit class for financial specialists who think about social effect. Doing as such will require working with rivals in the field keeping in mind the end goal to set up benchmarks and principles of estimation. By what means can Acumen manufacture all inclusive benchmarks when peer associations are worried about secrecy of information? Without such examinations, by what method will Acumen draw in financial specialists to the field?

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