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Red Brand Canners and Its Supply Chain Simplified Chinese version Case Solution


The case acts as a complementary text to the Red Brand Canners (RBC) case, giving a detailed illustration about the way an optimization approach can significantly contribute towards an improved performance. The case surrounds the story of the RBC’s vice president, who cautiously concerned regarding the kind of quality and quantity mix of the tomato crop that they have been receiving from Greenfield Farms (GF). The next step that he plans to take, involves motivating the supplier to strengthen the quality and quantity so that becomes suitable to standards requirements of the company. This case throws an ideal example of two firms in a B2B supply chain interaction attempting to develop a mutual ground between them. However as the case moves forward it discusses how incidents of conflicts prevent the business to achieve a smooth consensus over the matters. The most appropriate course of action for RBC would be to remodify its supply chain in a manner that it eventually produces a satisfactory delivery at an optimized price. The company must depend on a linear optimization model that can generate the most ideal solutions for both the parties.

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