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Responding to the Wii Case Solution


Sony had constantly figured out how to be the pioneer in gaming console industry. In any case, with the achievement of Nintendo's Wii, the CEO of Sony Kazuo Hirai was confronted with the subject of how Sony arrangements to react to the diminishing offers of play station 3. While yes Sony has ruled the business for a long time, yet by presenting Wii as easy to understand and innovatively less progressed, Nintendo figured out how to catch a substantial piece of the pie from its rival Xbox and Play Station 3. By dispatching easy to understand diversions, Nintendo made another request in computer game industry. Presently the CEO Hirai must figure out some approach to recover Sony's piece of the pie by taking advantage of this new request. For this, he may discover direction in the historical backdrop of computer game industry.

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Questions Covered

  1. How attractive is the video game console industry in 2008?
  2. As Sony attempts to regain industry leadership from Nintendo, what lessons should Kazuo Hirai learn from the history of the video game industry? How has the structural attractiveness of the industry changed over time?
  3. What are Sony’s strategic options for regaining industry leadership? As Kazuo Hirai, which option would you pursue?