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Altius Golf and the Fighter Brand Case Solution


The golf industry in the United States is undergoing an unusual decrease in the revenue of golf balls, which has been persistent and is experiencing sharp changes in recent time. Altius being the seller of golf balls to the A+ tier, is at a very crucial stage, since they are too experiencing a shrinking market share, resulting from the decrease in the unit sales and the revenues in dollars. On the contrary, Altius’s opponent, Primera continues to expand its market share by making their golf balls; communicated as ‘value’ brands, sold to ‘new and frivolous players’.

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Excel Calculations

Market Trends and Graphs 

  Revenue from Golf Balls in $ million

  %age Change in Golf Ball Revenue

  Altius, Primera and Bantam Market Share

Sensitivity Analysis

  Breakeven Cannibalizaion rate

Questions Covered

1- What should Altius do?

2- Explain trends, competitors, consumer behavior, and the potential effects on the bottom line.

3- Spend most of your essay in defining and defending your recommendation for what should be done.