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Can You Say What Your Strategy Is Case Solution


How about having a corporate strategy that would only take 35 words or less? Is it humanly possible for the employees to communicate it the way it is intended? There would be indeed very few executives who would completely agree to it. Those companies who manage to maintain a concise corporate strategy are those who are able to keep their assets and people aligned by developing a uniform sense of direction, thus being able to flourish. Written by Harvard School’s Collis and Rukstad, the case attempts to deliver the practical ways through which the companies can devise a meaningful strategy. C. Moreover the companies must be well informed of their advantages on hand- that will eventually enable them to achieve what they intend to. This process is tricky in itself, since tradeoff becomes an inevitable part while designing the objectives, scope and the advantages. For example, if one aims for maximum size and growth, this may only occur at the cost of profit. Likewise if an organization’s primary focus is the corporate clients, it will automatically have to withdraw from the retailers segment. Similarly if the company wants to earn a competitive advantage through economies of scale, they can never attempt to serve the customized needs of the customers. Understanding the dynamics of the industry is a mandatory process which needs to be fulfilled before getting into the objective at all. The winning point for every organization would be the spot where it is able to perfectly consolidate its capabilities with the demands of the customers, given the scope of the industry and competitors they deal with.

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