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Dark Side of Customer Analytics HBR Case Study and Commentary Case Solution


This HBR Case Study incorporates both the case and the editorial. For teaching purposes, this reprint is likewise accessible in two different variants: contextual investigation just, republish R0705X, and editorial just, R0705Z. Health insurer IFA and grocery chain ShopSense have framed a charming organization, yet it debilitates to test clients' resilience for sharing individual data. For quite a long time, IFA's local director for West Coast operations, Laura Brickman, had been championing the utilization of client examination - making determinations about buyer practices in view of examples found in gathered information. She left a meeting having gained the food merchant's examination boss, Steve Worthington, persuaded that ShopSense's client reliability card information could be significant. In a pilot test, Laura purchased ten years of information from the merchant and discovered some convincing connections between's buys of undesirable items and medicinal cases. Presently she needs to offer her organization's senior group on purchasing more data. Her managers have a few concerns, be that as it may. On the off chance that IFA concocted restrictive wellbeing discoveries, would the organization need to share what it realized? In the mean time, Steve is caught up with attempting to work out points of interest of the deal with officials at ShopSense. Many have communicated bolster, yet COO Alan Atkins isn't so certain: If clients discovered that the store was offering their information, they may quit utilizing their cards, and the organization would lose access to indispensable data. Despite the fact that CEO Donna Greer concurs, she realizes that if things go well, it could mean income sans work. By what means can the two organizations utilize the client information capably? Remarking on this anecdotal contextual investigation in R0705A and R0705Z are George L. Jones, the CEO of Borders Group; Katherine N. Lemon, a partner educator of advertising at Boston College; David Norton, the senior VP of relationship promoting for Harrah's Entertainment; and Michael B. McCallister, the president and CEO of Humana.

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