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Amanco Developing the Sustainability Scorecard Case Solution


Adjusted Scorecard is a way to deal with execution metric that changes the procedure of an association into faultless goals and measures. Taking into account the procedure, the adjusted scorecard joins the transient and long haul execution measures utilized over the association. Amanco, the biggest producer of plastic channels in Latin America, has a triple main concern system i.e.Generate esteem through financial manageability, social obligation and ecological administration. Amanco has deciphered this triple primary concern system into objectives and measures, composed into five alternate points of view that are Finance, Customers, Process and Technology, Human Resources, and Social and Environmental Management.

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A practical balanced scorecard identifies linkages among objectives in different measures perspectives.  The recent sustainability scorecard of Amanco Co. identifies linkages among essential elements of the organization’s strategy. Moreover, as the strategic management committee had also been created which met quarterly to manage and learn from the balanced scorecard. The company had decided to focus on its main intangible asset i.e. Customer loyalty, hence, stressing more on customer relations than transactions.