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Clean Edge Razor Splitting Hairs in Product Positioning Case Solution


This review gives a knowledge into the non-expendable razor classification of the United States market. It fundamentally concentrates on the key difficulties and choices confronted by the Paramount top officials with respect to the dispatch of its new Clean Edge razor. This examination won't just propose whether the organization ought to dispatch the new brand as a specialty item or as a standard brand, yet it would likewise reveal some insight into the conceivable results of every choice. Brief showcasing technique for the organization with respect to its new item dispatch is likewise sketched out in the examination.

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1. What changes are occurring in the nondisposable razor category? Assess Paramount’s competitive position. What are the current strategic challenges for Paramount’s current products as well as for Clean Edge?

2. How is the nondispoable razor market segmented? Examine consumer behavior for nondisposable razors.

3. What are the arguments for launching Clean Edge as a) a niche product, b) as a mainstream brand, and c) as a product based on another strategy? Which would you recommend? What are the strategic implications of your recommendation?

4. Be prepared to support your stand with qualitative as well as quantitative reasoning andarguments. Clearly articulate any assumptions that you may have made in your analysis.

5. Suggest a marketing program (at a minimum, the 4Ps) along with a Pro Forma for your chosen strategy and be prepared to defend it, from a strategic perspective as well as from an implementation viewpoint.