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Air France Internet Marketing Case Solution


Robin Griffons, the senior vice president and U.S director of Search for a communications consulting firm by the name of Media Contacts is struggling to boost the search engine marketing (SEM) for Air France. The case describes a time period during which SEM has earned a phenomenal advertising recognition and is evident by the fact that North American advertisers are spending as much as $9.4 billion in the SEM channel and thus has led a 62% growth relative to 2005. One of the primary interest for Griffon is to inculcate the importance for his team to live up to the competitive edge and shape their system that delivers the best results that Air France requires for maximum Internet growth. The major focus in the case is to highlight the collaboration between Air France and Media Contact in finding the ideal SEM campaign, one which will offer the amount of ticket sales allowing for the company to achieve a smooth breakeven. The designing of the search engine involves an efficient allocation of the Ad dollars across the versatile search engines. Moreover it also involves identifying the appropriate keywords that would fall under the most typed category by the internet users. While building upon on an effective strategy, the case provides a thorough background information on the airline industry and the different types of options that are been displayed by Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft MSN and Kayak currently. In addition to this, the case throws light on the historical information on the SEM, also taking into account the related costs and the ways through which each marketing effort can be evaluated appropriately. It also demonstrates the use of the Key Performance Indicators as the helpful means of leading the project and enabling for a more sound comparison of the different SEM Campaigns. Since the cost per click and the likelihood for incurring a sale largely differs among the publishers, a Portfolio Application Model’s quadrant position can be of great help in this purpose. Moreover Pivot Tables can skillfully illustrate the strategies that have proven successful in history. Many recommendations can be put forward to allow Media Contact in helping the Air France for the SEM strategy purpose.

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