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Mountain Man Brewing Co Bringing the Brand to Light Case Solution


The case attempts to comprehensively deliver an overview of a company’s current situation. The company in light is by the name of Mountain Man Brewing Company which has marked a significance presence regionally and is highly reputed for it’s the strong and high quality taste that it offers. The case takes the reader to the factors that have helped Mountain Man Lager earn a successful brand name. In addition to this, the case beautifully sums up the pros and cons that surrounded the decision of launching a Mountain Light beer which forms as one of the options on hand with the top management that is believed to help the company make up for the lost revenue and market share. As the case comes to its end when it talks about the dilemma in which the top management is delved in and that is to choose how this new brand can increase revenue without hurting their core customers.

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Questions Covered

  1. What has made MMBC successful? What distinguishes MMBC from its competitors?
  2. What has caused MMBC to decline even though it has a strong brand?
  3. What are the pros and cons for MMBC to consider concerning introduction of a light beer?
  4. Should MMBC launch Mountain Man Light? What is required for this brand to break even in two years?
  5. What other strategic options does Chris have if Mountain Man Light is not launched or is unsuccessful?