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MedNet com Confronts Click Through Competition Case Solution


Mednet is an online website, propelled in 2002 that gives restorative or wellbeing data to non proficient buyers for nothing. Expansion to this, went for raising the through commercial deals. It has been very fruitful until it was introduced a relentless rivalry particularly from Marvel and Where, Marvel announced to give impressions to free and charging the publicists for just navigate. Because of its substantial database of guests, Marvel could accomplish benefit from navigate. On the opposite side of it, Mednet was charging on an impression premise, and on losing Marvel, Mednet's benefit would diminish by 80%.

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Questions Covered’s Board of Directors seems diametrically opposed to the 3 proposed solutions. Come up with an alternative strategy for increasing growth and profitability that fits with the Board’s goals, preferences and philosophies. Goals:

• To provide scientifically based medical information to a non-professional consumer audience

• To provide this information for free

• To generate profits from advertising sales. Board philosophies:

• Independence

• Only FDA-approved information and products (no alternative medicine focus)