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PayPal Merchant Services Case Solution


PayPal's initial achievement is credited a great deal its very own bigger number vital choices as opposed to choices of contenders. PayPal's initial achievement is ascribed to its better item offering which improved simplicity than the customers. One vital preferred standpoint of PayPal was that PayPal installments were attributed continuously to the payee which maintained a strategic distance from the usual bank preparing time of a referral. Likewise, the ascent of PayPal was especially identified with the development of eBay. eBay buys could be made rapidly through PayPal which abbreviated the delivery time since the seller was ready to send the products speedily simply subsequent to getting email warning from PayPal.

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Questions Covered

  1. What explains PayPal’s early success? Discuss the role of PayPal’s strategy in its success, as well as the role of decisions by actual and potential competitors.
  2. How vulnerable are Visa and MasterCard to share erosion in e-commerce payments due to PayPal’s off-eBay expansion? What, if anything, should the card associations and their members do about PayPal’s off-eBay initiative?
  3. What strategy should PayPal pursue for Merchant Services? How should PayPal allocate investments between efforts to grow the merchant side and the consumer side of its platform?
  4. Does Google Checkout represent a serious threat to PayPal? What, if anything, should eBay/PayPal do to defend themselves against Google?