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Cisco Systems Managing the Go to Market Evolution Case Solution


Cisco Systems Inc. is presently experiencing vital changes as market prerequisites are evolving. Because of the way of the organization's business, which frequently upgrades itself, it is essential for every industry player to keep its showcasing system and its business channels a la mode. In this manner, it can be watched that Cisco Systems has experienced quick changes in its deals and showcasing techniques. Also, the part of offers channels turns out to be progressively essential for an industry in which the opposition is extreme. In this way, the organization chose to change its approach towards exchanging from deals recurrence to esteem expansion. With such an approach, Cisco trusts that it can adequately focus on all the five client portions that it has distinguished through the Pyramid display.

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Questions Covered

  1. Analyze Cisco’s Marketing Strategy in 1995, 2001, and 2005.
  2. How have Cisco’s channels evolved over last 10-15 years period and why in that way?
  3. What grade would you give Cisco for managing channel evolution? Good or bad? Why?
  4. Against the background of your answers to 1) and 2) what marketing strategy should Cisco deploy for the VoIP products?
  5. Which channels do you recommend, voice VARs? Data VARs? both?
  6. Cisco’s broad product line requires multiple channels. What are your reactions to the “Pyramid” model advanced in Figure A of the case? What is the core concept of the model? What are the implications of this model for the future?