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Precise Software Solutions Case Solution


The contextual analysis relates to Precise Software Solutions, whereby considering the developmental patterns in ERP applications, endeavors are in progress to upset the execution administration instruments required to distinguish the productivity and adequacy of the product introduced. In the after math of various items like SQL, Presto, Interpoint, and Pulse, a relative need has been distinguished through an industry wide overview that a conclusion to-end execution administration device must be made. The OpenWorld 2000 is the greatest chance to open the bundle of amazement, Insight. In any case, there are various issues confronting due dates, valuing, deals technique, and printing.

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Questions Covered

1. Should Alon plan on introducing Insights at OpenWorld 2000? Why or why not?

2. What should Precise’s sales strategy be for Insights? Should they launch a separate salesforce for the new product or sell it through their existing sales force? How good is theircurrent sales force?

3. How will the SQL sales force react to the introduction of Insights? Will this differ if welaunch Insights in time for OpenWorld or not?

4. What is the difference between selling their current core product – Precise/SQL – andselling the new Insight product?

5. Keeping in mind the limited functionality of the first version of the product, how shouldinsights be priced? How should precise think about segmentation for this new product?

6. Develop an ROI model for the Precise/SQL product. Compare this to the price they arecharging for the product. Of what use are these data in developing an ROI for Insights?

7. What is the value of precise software’s products for its customers? Is it getting the value?