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Mountain Dew Selecting New Creative Case Solution


PepsiCo started the "Do the Dew" crusade so as to focus on their craved market i.e. young people. Taking after were the advertisements that were utilized by the organization as a piece of their new battle which was begun subsequent to ejecting the "Nation Cool" crusade. The majority of the aforementioned promotions were effective as they satisfied the AIDA (consideration, intrigue, crave, activity) criteria. The up surging deals and piece of the pie obviously demonstrate that the utilized promotions were fruitful in initiating activity (last "An" of AIDA). Activity can't prompt through an advertisement unless consideration is picked up, enthusiasm for the promotion is created, and yearning is excited.

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Questions Covered

1- Carefully analyze the existing and proposed Mountain Dew ads.

2- How well does each ad leverage:

    a. The brand’s historic equity

    b. The consumers’ cultural understandings of the brand

    c. The communications goals for this campaign?

3- Which ads would you invest in? Why?