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Coca Colas New Vending Machine A Pricing to Capture Value or Not Case Solution


The case arrangement gives an investigation of Coca Cola's procedure of presenting another intelligent candy machine, which will self-sufficiently be fit for changing its can costs according to the outside temperature. On hot days, the cost will be higher; while, on icy days and in winter season, the machine will offer jars at lower costs as rebates. In this review, the choice of offering Coke through these machines and estimating issue emerging as a result of it is surveyed alongside conceivable ramifications of this choice. Likewise, an examination has been given on how this procedure supported in the creation or annihilation of significant worth for clients. In conclusion, two or three proposals are given at last on how Coke could have continued with this technique without conveying any mischief to its picture.

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Questions Covered

  1. Is selling Coke through interactive vending machines a good or bad idea? Why?
  2. What is Coke? What does Coke mean to the average consumer?
  3. Where, how and for whom does this technology create/destroy value?For example, loyal Coke customers, switchers amongst cola products, loyal Pepsi customers, etc?
  4. Are there any pricing related issues that can adversely affect the firm?
  5. What did Coca-Cola do right? What did it do wrong? How would you have done it?
  6. What is price discrimination and when does it work?