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Oscar Mayer Strategic Marketing Planning Case Solution


Oscar Mayer Company, an auxiliary of Kraft Foods, is confronting diminished piece of the overall industry in the meat showcase in view of the late move of the client towards nutritious and advantageous nourishment items. Despite the fact that the organization has obtained a wheat meat organization Louis Rich couple of years back, however, the deals have again begun diminishing and economic specialist McTiernan recommends the organization to accomplish something before it's past the point of no return. Organization's leader McGraw has asked all his colleagues to think of a proposed answer for this circumstance. All four individuals have made proposals that best support their own area of expertise. So now it's the ideal opportunity for McGraw to either pick one of them or join every one of them four and think of the system that is best for every office as well as for the whole organization.

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Questions Covered

  1. In the beginning of the case McGraw thinks he has “never encountered such a complex business challenge” as the one he currently faces. By the end of the case, after he has read the ideas listed in the four memos, McGraw can’t believe he ever thought the investment issue was “going to be a hard one.” What changed the president’s perspective? What strategic decision-making process does McGraw pursue?
  2. If McGraw chooses a strategic direction that favors only one department, what negative effects could this have on other departments? How can McGraw mitigate the damage?
  3. What effects is the change in the strengths and weaknesses of competition having on the Oscar Mayer Division? How does this impact the investment decision?
  4. Absent any resource constraints, which of the four departmental directions do you think is the most viable? Which is the second best strategy? Which is the least viable?
  5. Given the information in the case, what strategic course do you think the division should pursue?
  6. Which of Jim Longstreet’s new product ideas is less likely to succeed? Why?