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Gillette Indonesia Case Solution


Gillette brand has developed exponentially in Indonesia, which houses an extensive populace. In spite of the fact that Gillette has performed uncommonly well throughout the years in Indonesia, the organization's local directors wish for more dynamic development and for infiltrating into the generally undiscovered business sector. The future in Indonesia has a place with general stores where countless from upper-center and privileged have begun shopping. While the real piece of income for Gillette originates from three or four urban focuses, the organization needs to investigate the nation other than the four noteworthy urban focuses that it has distinguished. Because of the diverse progress of the country and urban Indonesia, the merchants of the organization should be prepared to drench themselves in the to a great extent undiscovered Indonesian market.

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Questions Covered

1. What factors go into deciding the demand for blades in Indonesia? How can demand be increased?

2. What is the Customer Lifetime Value of a Sensor customer?

3. How is the Gillette Brand doing in Indonesia?

4. What Brand Strategies do you recommend to increase the demand for Gillette blades?

5. Did Gillette get the first-mover advantage? Have they capitalised on it?

6. How should Gillette accelerate the demand for blades in Indonesia?

7. Develop a Brand Identity profile, and Brand Positioning strategy for Gillette to speed up its growth in Indonesia.