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Citibank Launching the Credit Card in Asia Pacific A Case Solution


The case solution centers around Citibanks new administration offering of charge cards in the Asian areas. The bank needs to consider the social contrasts that it needs to take go to, alongside fluctuating purchaser inclinations. For example, Korean clients are not permitted to possess a Mastercard; though, other Asian nations have a few restricts that they have forced. The bank likewise to make an alternate brand picture in Asian purchasers brain as their conduct varies significantly than that of American or European buyers. It ought to dispatch its item in the Asian market as it has worldwide money related base created over the globe, which can help it in accomplishing economies of scale by means of extending client base in the Asian market.

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Questions Covered

  1. Examine consumer behavior is the credit card category. What are some of the cross-cultural differences pertaining to this category?
  2. What are Citibank’s strengths and weaknesses as a brand in Asia Pacific vis-à-vis the US? Is it a global brand? Why or why not?
  3. Evaluate the research in the case. What has been learned? In your opinion, what additional information is required to determine whether Citibank should launch the credit card or not?
  4. Should Citibank launch the credit card or not? What are the qualitative and quantitative reasons for either of the two recommendations?
  5. What should be the segmentation and positioning strategy and what should be the marketing mix if you recommend that Citibank launches the card?
  6. In general, what specific elements of the marketing mix are more/less easily standardizable across different cultures?