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Cunard Line Ltd Managing Integrated Marketing Communications Case Solution


Cunard is a famous name of voyage and steamship business. It has been utilizing diverse promoting methods to make a maintainable and powerful message for the organization and its administrations. It has utilized the idea of incorporated promoting correspondences to coordinate diverse showcasing procedures. This has permitted the association to make a positive brand picture about the organization in the brains of the clients. In the meantime, it has additionally been fruitful in making effective brand situating in connection to the opposition in the commercial center. On the other hand, Cunard confronts various difficulties too. In the predominant troublesome monetary conditions, it has gotten changes its advertising methodology with a specific end goal to discover a harmony in the middle of key and strategic destinations of the organization. Key goals exist fit as a fiddle of making of manageable brand picture while strategic targets exist fit as a fiddle of making transient deals. In any case, association can accomplish both of these destinations through utilizing the right blend of advertising apparatuses.

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Questions Covered

  1. In light of the difficult economic and competitive conditions, should Cunard use a more “sale-oriented” format with more emphasis on price for its tactical advertising?
  2. In better economic times would your judgement differ regarding the above?
  3. What is your recommendation to Cunard regarding the balance in the focus of marketing communications between the overall Cunard identity and image, and the identity and image of the individual ships?
  4. Which marketing communications elements do you believe should receive greater/lesser emphasis by Cunard? Why? Specifically, what about the role of direct marketing?
  5. What are the implications of the success of the “one-day sale” for Cunard?
  6. What effects do you expect the impending organizational change to have on marketing communications at Cunard?
  7. How would you prioritize and address the challenges facing Leslie at the close of the case?