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Metso Paper Case Solution


TASMAN was a critical stride in organization's arrangement, integration of business operations and correspondence, as its point was to give a stage to data. With TASMAN, the organization authorized its essential system of open and wide correspondence, as it gave an instructive foundation to present right and precise data to settle on the right choices. This venture coordination was imperative to bolster worldwide aggressiveness as the worldwide rivalry was turned out to be stringent with less conveyance time and prevalent quality. It made the general procedure provoke by giving all related documentation to outline decision, designing changes and contact detail of every partner at a centralized area.

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Questions Covered

1. How did TASMAN become strategically important?

2. How did management attitudes and decisions regarding IT facilitate the transformation of Metso from a local metal factory to a global, high technology manufacturer?

3. How did the company measure the impact of IT over the course of time?