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Eastman Kodak Co Funtime Film Case Solution


Kodak is one the biggest market player in the photographic business which has the significant extent of the piece of the pie when contrasted with the rivals in the market. Be that as it may, the increment in the number of contenders and an extensive variety of items offered by them has influenced the deals and piece of the overall industry of Kodak adversely. Kodak needs to change its promoting methodology keeping in mind the end goal to support itself in the business. There is a solid need to build the client base of the brand. Client base can be expanded through the presentation of an extensive variety of items and item division. Cost cognizant clients are to be focused keeping in mind the end goal to cover its lost share of 8 percent in esteem. Item division is the way to build the piece of the overall industry and contend with its rivals like Fuji and Konica.

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Questions Covered

  1. What was happening in the film industry that had Kodak worried?
  2. How did Kodak segment the market before and after the introduction of Funtime film? How would you segment the consumer film market and what would be the key drivers of your segmentation scheme?
  3. How should Kodak adapt its products and strategies to your segmentation scheme?
  4. Given the changes in photographic technology (e.g., digital cameras) over the past several years, do you believe that your segmentation scheme is still relevant? What changes might or might not be appropriate?