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Calyx & Corolla Case Solution


Ms. Owades runs the organization, Calyx, and Corolla, in an effectively inventive manner. The organization offers blossoms to the end clients with no retail outlet or seller. Clients select their favorite set of blossoms, request them on administration focuses/on the web and the blooms are conveyed through Fed Ex, proficiently. The formula of the organization is based upon the conveyance of fresher blooms when contrasted with the blossoms conveyed by its rivals. Freshness and speedy administration are the statements of purpose of the organization. Be that as it may, high reliance on specific gatherings may put the organization at a high hazard in the long term. Association with wholesalers and producers is strong in nature fortifying the organization's market structure. Some channel conflicts may emerge due to the disinter intervention of distribution channels by the organization. A client arranged approach requires estimation and affirmation of the lifetime estimation of the client. Therefore, the organization ought to exploit different markets keeping in mind the end goal to maintain and grow in the long run.

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Questions Covered

1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Calyx & Corolla formula?

2. Why has Calyx & Corolla been successful?

3. What are the potential sources of channel conflict in the Calyx & Corolla system?

4. What steps should Ms. Owades and her associates take next to more fully develop Calyx

& Corolla?

5. How would you determine the life-time value of a customer?

6. Visit their web-site. How has this helped Calyx & Corolla?

7. What is the value of a C&C customer using their current direct marketing approach?

8. Should C&C use a TV ad approach to acquire new customers?

9. Is Calyx’s system only a system for gifts? What markets are being missed?