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Paul Levy Taking Charge of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center A Case Solution


The merger of Beth Israel (BI) and Deaconess occurred after the Partners Healthcare System was shaped by a merger of various remarkable doctor's facilities. The pioneers of BI felt undermined that the Partners would catch a huge part of the market; along these lines, regardless of their various contracts, they converged with Deaconess to frame the Care Group System. It was quickly obvious that the arrangement of combining was unsuccessful. Before sufficiently long, BIDMC, one of the doctor's facilities in the merger, began making immense misfortunes and different healing centers needed to share the weight of their misfortunes, too. Once in a while, a turnaround plan was made and actualized. Be that as it may, the circumstance of the healing facility additionally weakened. Paul Levy comprehended the issue obviously. The healing facility had poor initiative and the absence of responsibility. Promote, the authority issue created issues in the usage of arrangements, which were additionally imperfect commonly. A would like to see better administration came when Paul Levy was offered to assume control over the authority of BIDMC.

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Questions Covered

1.  What was the situation Levy inherited at BIDMC?  What challenges did he face?  Why had previous turnaround efforts failed?

2.  How did Levy get started in his new job?  What were his objectives?  What did he accomplish?

–Before he started?  On his first day?  His first week?

3.  What was distinctive about the way Levy went about formulating, announcing, and implementing the recovery plan?  How did he overcome resistance? 

4.  What can we learn (to do or not to do) from Levy’s thought processes and his approach to leading change?