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Distributed Leadership at Google Lessons From the Billion Dollar Brand Case Solution


If Google has earned its name as the best employer, it can be said without doubt that employees are been given an extra-ordinary treatment. One of the most fascinating trend established within the organization is the time allocation method. Instead of been occupied in the same redundant task for the whole day or week, employees are been asked to allocate 70% of the time in brushing off the core tasks of the firm, including search and advertising, while 20% is apportioned to off-budget products and interestingly, the left 10% time is to be used by the employee fulfilling their personal interests and competencies. In order to guarantee that the hired best talents are also retained and discouraged from forming their own rival ventures, Google has to invest in providing luxury perks and tremendously generous rewards. Over the years Google has learned to reinforce its credibility thus ensuring maximum employee’s loyalty and investor confidence. A perfect example could be quoted from 2004 when the CEO, Eric Schmidt himself took an annual salary of $1 just before its IPO. This article beautifully summarizes some of the key leadership practices of the CEO that can be illustrated as follows: 1.Know your employees well 2. Invent new ways of rewarding your best performing employees 3. Let employees own the problem, even how much you wish to solve yourself. 4. Give room for employees to function and breathe outside hierarchy 5. Ensure that the person appraising the employees’ performances is respected by them for his objectivity and impartiality. The eight qualities that have been repeatedly referred to in the article are coaching, empowering, well-being, productivity, communication, career development, vision and technical skills.

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