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Southwest Airlines 2002 Case Solution


This case manages Southwest Airlines (Southwest) and the purpose behind its accomplishment in unattractive industry. Southwest has been exceptionally fruitful with its low toll, short pull procedure. With the aircraft business in turmoil in 2002, Southwest was in a fascinating and one of a kind position. Southwest was the main real US carrier to acquire a working benefit in 2001. With its solid money related position, Southwest was ready to expand its market share and set out on new key activities. Showing course: This case can be utilized to outline how a firm can be effective in a naturally unattractive industry. Southwest has been beneficial and growing for a long time and has possessed the capacity to keep up a minimal effort position in spite of numerous potential imitators. I utilize the case to show the significance of an interesting movement framework and the trouble of copying the whole framework. I also use the case to audit industry structure, bland techniques, and the significance of inner and outer consistency in making a system. At last, the case drives home the imperative connections between inner authoritative elements and key decisions.

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