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Ford Motor Co Supply Chain Strategy Case Solution


Passage, as a feature of the car business, is experiencing testing times as universally the organizations are moving towards advanced store network and more brought together operations. This is assisting organizations with improving interior and outer correspondences furthermore to chop down expenses by including suppliers all the while. While Ford is just as equipped for chopping down expenses, it is as of now compelled because of the expansive number of partners who might be impacted and persuaded to experience an achievement change. Be that as it may, as issues will be recognized beneath for Ford, arrangements and proposals will likewise be given to enhance the circumstance to Ford. Fundamentally, the proposals identify with how Ford can enhance its store network operations, relations with clients and sellers, and how to concentrate its worldwide operations.

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Questions Covered

  1. Consider the experience that you have had in buy a car; compare these to the experience of buying a computer online. (If you’ve never done this, go to Dell’s website –—and explore how online computer buying works.) What do you think explains the differences?
  2. What advantages does Dell derive from virtual integration? How important are these advantages in the auto business?
  3. What challenges does Ford face that are not also faced by Dell? How should Ford deal with these challenges?
  4. If you were Teri Takai, what would you recommend to senior executives? To what degree sho uld Ford emulate Dell’s business model? Provide support for your recommendation.