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Automating the Paris Subway A Case Solution


In 2001, the leader of the Paris Subway pondered how to change Line 1 into a driverless line without setting off a social clash. After the stun of the 2000 Notre Dame de Lorette metro mischance, in which a train wrecked and created 25 wounds in a Paris tram station, the state-possessed Paris metro administrator Regie Autonome des Transports Parisiens (RATP) chose to embrace new efforts to establish safety and considered the chance to computerize the most established and the busiest line of the system. The Head of the Paris Subway, Serge Lagrange, trusted that mechanizing Line 1 would enhance security and in addition execution. Be that as it may, the robotization would achieve the cutting back of 219 drivers' positions. Lagrange needed to make sense of how to get the RATP representatives on board, especially drivers and exchange unions. How would he be able to persuade them regarding the need to mechanize Line 1? How would he be able to keep the conceivably significant social clash that may come about because of scaling down the drivers' positions?

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