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Miracle on the Hudson A Landing US Airways Flight 1549 Case Solution


It was the 15th of Jan’09, shortly after US Airways Flight 1549’s takeoff from LaGuardia, it struck a flock of Canadian geese. The geese were sucked in the plane’s twin engines which eventually lead to a total engine failure and loss of power. Case A starts with a three-part series recounting how the starting four minutes lead to a series of challenges for the Captain Chesley Sully Sullenberger and the First Officer Jeffrey Skiles. It was a crucial time for them since within these minutes they had to decide whether they need to make an emergency landing, if so then how or to go for another alternative, while keeping the plane under control. Cases B and C then describes the events when the plane made an emergency landing on the Hudson River. Here onwards the case describes the role of the emergency responders, the agencies and the private organizations, how each played a crucial part in creating a more stabilized rescue situation for not only the people but for the aircraft as it moved further downstream.

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