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Jollibee Foods Corp A International Expansion Case Solution


The contextual investigation arrangement gives a survey of Jollibee's operational and vital exercises. Residential methodologies are talked about alongside the global extension procedures. Jollibee, a business sector pioneer in the Philippines' fast food industry, needed to alter its feasible arrangements as a response to the passage of contenders like McDonalds. The change not just changed the organization into a residential business sector pioneer yet made it an essential business sector player universally. Because of the organization's internationalization, its hierarchical structure must be re altered, and the administration needed to face various issues amid this procedure. The extension arrangement of Jollibee in the new markets of California, Hong Kong and Papa New Guinea must be re considered by including the district particular variables into the statistical surveying and research.

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Questions Covered

1. How was Jollibee able to build its dominant position in fast food in the Philipines? What sources of competitive advantage was it able to develop against McDonald’s in its home market?

2. How would you evaluate Tony Kitchner’s effectiveness as the first head of Jollibee’s international division? Does his board strategic thrust make sense? How effectively did he develop the organization to implement his priorities?

3. As Noli Tingzon, how would you deal with three options described at the end of the case? How would you implement your decision?

4. Provide advice to the top management team at Jollibee. What should Tingzon do not ensure global success? Which option competitive advantages can Tingzon exploit to improve its global position?