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Burma Pipeline Case Solution


In 1996, Unocal Corp. united with the French Total organization to build a yearning regular gas pipeline from the Andaman Sea over the southern tip of Burma and into Thailand. At an expected expense of $1.2 billion, the pipeline was intended to bring woefully required vitality supplies into both Thailand and Burma, and to serve as a linchpin for Unocal's extending Asian methodology. Not long after the arrangement is dispatched, notwithstanding, authorities from Unocal discover themselves ensnared with far-clearing political strengths and extremist gatherings that compass national outskirts. As a result of its inclusion with the SLORC, Burma's military initiative, Unocal is being blamed for complicity in an entire arrangement of human rights misuse, including subjugation and conceivable genocide. Director John Imle must choose how to react to these allegations, and whether Unocal needs to reevaluate or rebuild its operations even with developing universal weights.

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