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Why Leaders Dont Learn from Success Case Solution


What is the reason for such a large number of organizations that once overwhelmed their commercial ventures to slide into decrease and downturn? In this article, two Harvard Business School teachers contend that such firms lose their touch on the grounds that achievement breeds disappointment by hindering learning at both the individual and hierarchical levels. When we succeed, we accept that we realize what we are doing, however it may be the case that we just got fortunate. We make what therapists call central attribution mistakes, giving a lot of credit to our gifts and system and too little to natural elements and arbitrary occasions. We build up a presumptuousness predisposition, turning out to be so confident that we think we don't have to change anything. We additionally encounter the inability to-inquire as to why disorder and disregard to explore the reasons for good execution. To beat these three learning obstacles, administrators ought to inspect victories with the same examination they apply to disappointments. Organizations ought to actualize orderly after-activity audits to see every one of the elements that prompted a win, and test their speculations by directing investigations regardless of the possibility that it ain't broke.

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