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Advanced Leadership Note An Institutional Perspective and Framework for Managing and Leading Case Solution


Today majority of the business leaders have learned to prioritize their strategic objectives taking into account issues like poverty, health, education, business-government relations and the environmental consequences. Although these problems have been since the historic times but in the wake of globalization and international competitiveness, these issues have come much into limelight and does makes it an urgent requirement for compatible organizations to act upon them necessarily. The time is now for there to be a formal discipline or a societal leadership to take over such issues more responsibly. If these global issues are been looked upon from a leadership perspective one can clearly identify the presence of technical and political components. There is a need to clearly recognize the political context surrounding each problem before getting into the exhaustive process of dealing with its technicalities. However, it does not mean that having technical knowledge alone makes one capable of dealing the problem at hand, especially those that are of a complex nature. The processes involve a perfect amalgamation of the resources and the skills that would eventually create a more sustainable system for handling the varying complexities of the problem. Moreover it requires a consolidated and a mutual effort made by all the relevant institutions and the agencies, since it is not humanly possible for one act upon it alone and will not ensure a meaningful contribution. However there are situations where holistic solutions are not always possible because of the chances of conflicts and disagreement arising during the interaction of the key players in the process. Consequently it also involves the implementation of the solutions to be simultaneously taken place at the various levels. For this to be made humanly possible, both the financial and the social capital’s input is required.

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