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3M Optical Systems Managing Corporate Entrepreneurship Case Solution


3M has built up a fruitful name as an enterprise association over a timeframe. It has been a conspicuous organization in the field of enterprise and overseeing corporate business. At the point when two of the well known names like Andy Wong and Paul Guelher are looked at in the light of the re-dispatch of protection screen, it turned out to be clear both the supervisors demonstrated a reasonable view of organization's development and supportability. The organization had real changes with respect to its division and control keeping in mind the end goal to be the most predictable entrepreneurial organization of the world.

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Questions Covered

1. As Andy Wong, how would you handle the authorization for expenditure for the relaunch of the privacy screen? As Paul Guehler, would you approve the authorization for expenditure? 

2. How effective has Wong been as a front-line manager? How effective has Guehler been as a division president. 

3. In reconsidering the various cases discussed in this course, what accounts for 3M’s seeming success as an entrepreneurial company?

4. What is it about 3M that makes perhaps the most consistently entrepreneurial large company in the world?