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Bitter Competition The Holland Sweetener Co vs NutraSweet A Case Solution


In  Bitter Competition: The Holland Sweetener Company versus NutraSweet (A) case arrangement, NutraSweet appreciated patent rights in the businesses of United States, Europe and Canada, and it was the main producer and dealer of aspartame with the preparatory rights to do as such. In any case, with the date of lapse of the licenses drawing nearer, NutraSweet embraced certain methods keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee that its administration position and piece of the pie stayed set up. For example, it marked an undercover and long haul contract with Coke and Pepsi to guarantee its vicinity in the soda business. Moreover, another aggressive organization called Holland Sweetener Company is currently wanting to enter the European and Canadian showcase and is get ready methods to be fruitful in the businesses. With NutraSweet's vicinity, rivalry appears to be extreme, yet HSC thinks about the elite long haul get that has been attempted and now knows how to approach the circumstance and what value situation to execute in the new markets

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Questions Covered

1. How should Vermijs expect Nutrasweet to respond to the Holland Sweetener Company’s entry into the European and Canadian aspartame Markets?

2. How should Vermijs assess the relative likelihood of the two scenarios – price war and normal competition – he has in mind?

3. What are Nutrasweet’s strategies to extend their competitive advantage beyond the patent expiration date?

4. Will HSC be successful in the European and Canadian markets? How should they execute their strategy?

5. Why did nutrasweet enter into exclusive, long-term contracts with coke and pepsi, and why did coke and pepsi enter into these agreements with nutrasweet?