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How to Become an Authentic Speaker Case Solution


The article includes a concise preview that beautifully illustrates the key concepts along with their practical applications and also suggests user friendly reading materials for further understanding. Just as it was mentioned in earlier days that the best made schemes of mice and men, the best prepared speeches go unheard and unappreciated. If the audience itself develops a negative perception of the speaker’s speech to be insincere or meaningless, then indeed countless preparations go down the drain. Majority of the managers fail to communicate a speech that could be meaningfully felt or engage the employees’ true trust and loyalty. Morgan, who is an experienced Communications coach provides genuine advices over the matter, to enable people to overcome this communication difficulty. It has been recently discovered in a brain research that the natural and involuntary gestures; as Morgan suggests that these are those who become the second part of the conversation, expresses emotion just second before our thinking process encode them into proper words. This way our gestures and body language are immediately received by our audiences, who eventually would have developed a strong perception that could not be subsided despite our countless attempts through a speech. Does it really mean that if a person fails to practice the unspoken parts of a speech will have to eventually face a total communication inability? Any person who wishes to overcome this weakness can simply attempt to grasp four of these techniques: Be open to the audience, try to meaningfully connect your speech with them, gauge the audience’s reaction and use this helpfully for future, and ensure that you do a thorough rehearsal. Many people do not find themselves at ease if they are asked to be more often. In such circumstances, the person must think of the audience as people who are close to you, or those who are willing to understand you at every point. In order to have a more strong connection with the audience, try relating to them, use those words or examples that they can personally related themselves too. To communicate how passionate you are, you will have to first feel strongly about it, only then you can expect from others to do the same too. Then imagine yourself as entering into a huge auditorium with a formal podium, with hundreds of people in front of you. This will eventually give a much clear idea of what your appropriate tone or body posture needs to be. Inculcating the four strategies as discussed above will enable you to become more composed and relax with time.

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