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HBR List Breakthrough Ideas for 2007 Case Solution


Our yearly review of thoughts and patterns that will have an effect on business: Duncan J. Watts battles that conventional individuals, not influentials, drive social plagues. Yoshito Hori predicts that Japan's young business people could surpass those in China and India. Frederic Dalsace, Coralie Damay, and David Dubois propose brands that- - like Harry Potter- - full grown with their clients. Michael Schrage uncovers the shrouded esteem in long-overlooked comparisons. Harry Hutson and Barbara Perry set trust back in the official collection. Eric von Hippel spotlights Denmark, where client focused development is a national need. Linda Stone recognizes a reaction against mobile phone and BlackBerry habit. Michael C. Mankins proposes where to put all that overabundance money. Ap Dijksterhuis reaffirms the estimation of thinking about a choice. Robert G. Eccles, Liv Watson, and Mike Willis report on another programming standard that will make business and money related data drastically less demanding to produce, total, and dissect. Geoffrey B. West difficulties the standard way of thinking that littler advancement capacities are more innovative. Karen Fraser cautions of clearly faithful clients why should balanced jolt for moral reasons. Phillip Longman predicts the arrival of huge patriarchal families and their impacts on promoting procedure. Rashi Glazer shows the sociocultural and business ramifications of nanotechnology. Yoko Ishikura desires worldwide firms to think locally. Klaus Kleinfeld and Erich Reinhardt investigate the joining of imaging innovation and biotech and its huge advantages for restorative consideration. Christopher Meyer prompts concentrating on what you need from your system before you assemble the stage. Charles R. Morris affirms that medicinal services expenses are falling; it's spending that is on the ascent. Earth Shirky indicates why open source activities succeed by falling flat. David Weinberger claims that responsibility has transformed into superstitious accountabalism.

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