Case ID: 407036     Solution ID: 34976     Words: 730 Price $ 45

Recruitment of a Star Case Solution


The pool of competitors that has been defined after short listing through different sources have exceptionally strong applicants that can fill in the gap, left by the takeoff of star semiconductor investigator, Peter Thompson. Each individual has pros and cons, however all can possibly turn into an extremely appropriate substitution for Mr. Thompson and the start to take RSH to a next level. Aside from Gerald Baum, the various three shortlisted hopefuls were looking quite versatile to the hierarchical culture at RSH, also. They additionally have the assurance to take the RSH towards a superior future and have the capacity to wind up distinctly the Star investigator for a noteworthy establishment like semiconductors.

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Questions Covered

1- Are any of these candidates what I’m looking for? 
2- How much would each of them cost the firm? 
3- What are their strengths and weaknesses?
4- Who’s the best fit? At what price? 
5- What about Rina? She’s been doing a decent job so far. Should she be considered?