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Nice Guy HBR Case Study Case Solution


The case only version of the HBR case study is designed for teaching purposes. The commentary version and the complete case study is given by the name of reprint R0602Z and R0602A respectively. While dreading the morning traffic of Cleveland, Paul Kennedy couldn’t get his mind of the numerous things that laid ahead of him. On one hand he worries about his wife getting down with a cold just before their wedding anniversary, while he is also occupied with the task of pitching and fielding assignment, still left undone for tonight’s Little league’s game. He thinks about his sick boss, suffering from a heart attack but also about his associate Lisa’s mother whose illness has deeply affected her work. Cleveland Browns has made him anxious too. Although the idea to expand Daner Associates into Europe excites him since this reorganization will allow Larry’s workload of the new media company to be shared by him, as he sees Paul as the potential CEO. Paul is affirmative of the upcoming announcement because he could see himself as the most deserved person for the position. Paul has invested not only 10 years knowing the entire business but is been loved by every employee. The next afternoon it came as a huge shock to having learned that Larry is filling in George at the top position despite having seen his bad temper and rude behavior, while he finds Paul well suited for the next top position. On inquiring upon this decision, Larry explains that having the right qualities might be important too but bringing them together is far more crucial for a CEO. This leaves Paul completely unsatisfied by his abrupt decision. In R0602A and R0602Z, four experts consisting of Google CEO Eric Schmidt, author Stephen R. Covey, AVL North America CEO Don Manvel, and executive coach Maggie Craddock have voiced their opinions for the fictional case study

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