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Cane Mutiny Managing a Graying Workforce HBR Case Study and Commentary Case Solution


This HBB case is included with the study and the committee. For lesson subscription, Rap Tent is also available for other reasons: case study only, REPRINT R0510X, and COMMENTARY ONLY, REPRINT R0510Z. Human Resources Manager Frank Hebrer in Medentinesx has presented a long-term HR strategy for the German Midlys Pharmaceutical Company. All its research approaches to the horizons on the horizon: in just 25 years, more than a quarter of the country's population will be more than 65 years. What will happen after the retirement starts at the workers' visits? How will this attract great jobs from a small talent pool? But the executive team is focusing on spending and spending here. In fact, to save money, Magnosticus recently released the German retirement from the initial retirement program. Meanwhile, tension in the company is increasing in age. A 58-year-old account manager is forced to resume full-time hours, and to report a jury-happy tick, it is taking a lot of sick days and otherwise Deprived Hebrer believes it's just a matter of time when other workers have started informal attacks. Heber is convinced that to keep madrassists competitive, his leaders have to start thinking strategically about demographic changes. He is trying to voice the alarm; He too is taking care of plans to build a childcare center to help parents draw their attention - but his master rejects the theory of this theory. Because Luxury Masonrys cannot be tolerated. However, can convince his boss and other officers to convince himself of a close retirement age? To comment on the study of this legendary case in the R0510A and R0510Z, Norbert Hornman is an HR consultant in Bad Endorf, Austria; Washington, DC, in the US Government Accountability Office, education, workforce, and security issues Dietmar Martin, director of performance measurements across the group in Deutsche Telekom in Bonn, Germany, and Director A. Craig, Headquarter CEO of Headquarters, is located in Chicago, International Airport.

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