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Left on a Mountainside HBR Case Study Case Solution


The case-only version of the HBR case study is designed for teaching purposes. However the commentary-only version and the complete case study are given by the name of reprint R0401Z and reprint R0401A. The case starts with a story of Ed Davidson who at that time feels himself as severely accomplished and successful. Residing in the Swiss Alps, he is soon going to depart for Davos where he for the first time will get to experience the World Economic Forum‘s annual conference as a formal delegate. This is not the only news that has brightened him for the days, but in some time he will be expecting a formal announcement from the office in which he will be taking over the position as the president of Carston Waite, which would eventually make him the potential replacement as a CEO in a few days from now. However when he heard from the company’s CFO and board member, Frank Maugham, who on behalf of David shared that due to some unexpected and disappointing churn of events, he won’t be elected for the post of Presidency, since he intends to remain intact with the business. In spite of Frank’s reassurances, that he would do everything he could to convince the CEO, Ed could not stop himself from feeling humiliated and betrayed. This humiliation hurt him so hard that all he could think was to plan a revenge against the CEO. He was already occupied in designing a plan, when he eventually learned that Frank’s plan has severely failed that has cost him his job. Ed reaches Davos, since David had to let go off the job, he would now be speaking on his behalf. During this time, he thinks about taking advantage of this grand platform to unleash what was hidden. Some of the experts, mainly a psychoanalyst, a psychiatrist, an experienced coach and a governance expert voice their opinions and experiences in R0401A and R0401Z, pertaining to Ed’s unusual behaviors and in what ways this should be handled or improved upon. In order to name the experts mentioned above, they can be mentioned as follows: Kenneth Eisold, president of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations; Dee Soder, founder and the managing partner at the CEO Perspective Group; Jeffrey P. Khan who is the CEO of WorkPsych Associates; and Charles M. Elson, chairperson of the Corporate Governance at the university of Delaware.

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