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Cirque du Soleil Case Solution


The case summarizes the structure of the Cirque du Soleil. It talks about the procedure by which Cirque du Soleil guarantees the support of give its clients. The different difficulties the organization faces in giving administrations to a huge gathering of people on three landmasses and all the while guaranteeing that there is not an overexposure prompting a lessening of the interest for Cirque du Soleil's demonstration. It likewise assesses how the ability pool is chosen and oversaw. Different inquiries in regards to the organization's business concerns are likewise tended to underneath. 

On their website Cirque offers a lot of small features as well. People can take a look behind the scenes, listen to live recordings and they can apply for a job. But they also give people the opportunity to experience the shows longer, via special offers before and after the show, such as a visit in a special lounge area. Price: The prices of the Cirque shows vary a lot, because the customer can chose from a lot of different options. The normal price list is as follows:


AdultsChildren 2-12Student 13+ with ID

Seniors 65+

Price level 195.00$66.50$85.50$

Price level 285.00$59.50$76.50$

Price level 360.00$42.00$54.00$

As is stated in the table, children from two years old up to twelve years old get a discount. Children younger than two years old can go for free. For weekdays performances, students and seniors can get a discount as well. 

Besides that, they promote their shows by giving tickets to facilities that work with youth at risk. They also give free performances and workshops at circus schools for youth at risk. 

Place: To get their products to the customers, Cirque has many ways in which they work. Of course Ďplace' includes the cities where they perform. But they also work together with Oxfam International, to get their circus know to the youth at risk and by that they help the youth as well. Cirque also gets sponsored in every country they perform, these companies are also used to get their product know to their audience.

Factors to conquer Europe 

When Cirque wants to conquer Europe with a whole new concept, there are lots of factors to consider. To start with, it is important to know the demographical information of the countries in Europe. Are people willing and able to travel to see a Cirque show? What are the ages of the people living in the country and how is the spreading of the ages in relation to the cities they live in? These are questions that need to be answered in order to chose the countries where the show should be performed. It is also important to look at the financial state of the countries to perform in, because it is important to know if people can effort to see a show. Are people willing to spend money on entertainment, or are they only focusing on their first needs? This is very important, because if people are poor or the financial state of a country is bad, people will not come to visit Cirque and there is no reason to chose that particular country. When the countries in Europe are chosen, it is important to look at the placing of the circus itself. In many cases Study analysis it is best to place the show in a large city, where people can easily travel to. But sometimes you need to look further, when for example a small city has a good reputation of cultural events. It is also important to look at the values of Europe and its countries. When a concept crashes with some of the values of a particular country, there is a chance people will boycott or criticize the show. If that is the case, people will refuse to visit the show and perhaps the show needs to be adapted to that particular country.

Strengths and Weaknesses

As we looked at the internal state of Cirque, we can sum up the most important strengths and weaknesses of the company. One of the strengths of Cirque du Soleil is that they have a concept, but they extended that concept into many small features. This way they offer so much more than just the Cirque show, that they stay refreshing and original. But next to the actual product they offer, they also offer an intangible strength. That is, an amazing show which provides an amazing evening. The main part of the visitors is blown away by all that Cirque has to give in their shows. People will be talking about it for a long time and if they buy their CD they will also be re-living it for a few times. Besides that, they have a very good reputation. Because it is the first circus that offered such a concept, they created a customer relationship which is loyal. Another strength is their way of promoting. By doing a lot of charity work and helping youth at risk they create not only awareness of the circus, but they also create sympathy for their company. Last but not least, the fact that they go to a lot of countries all over the world in one of their strengths. This way more and more people will come in touch with Cirque and visit one of their shows. As long as people don't have to travel too far, they are enthusiastic about visiting Cirque. By performing in a lot of different countries, they give people the opportunity to visit.

But of course a company also has weaknesses. The main weakness they have is the fact that they get more and more competitors. Not only in other branches such as theatre or cinema, but also in the circus industry. As other companies saw the success of Cirque, they realized that starting their own Cirque would be a good idea. Therefore circuses with the same concept as Cirque are growing more rapidly and this means a weakness to Cirque.

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Questions Covered

  1. What is Cirque’s strategy?
  2. What are its most valuable resources and capabilities and why?
  3. Does Cirque du Soleil have a sustainable competitive advantage? If so, what is it? If not, can it create one?
  4. What are the growth options available to Cirque du Soleil?  What is your assessment of the firm’s diversification strategy?
  5. What are the biggest challenges that Cirque faces and what should it do about them? What are your strategy recommendations?