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Frasier A Case Solution


Fraiser transaction included two famous parties of the media business i.e. National Broadcasting Company and Paramount. NBC needs to pay not exactly a specific sum so as to run a show through Paramount while Paramount is requesting a more prominent sum. Both sides are depending on the way that the other party will satisfy their demand, considering NBC's BATNA, Paramount's BATNA, and ZOPA. Estimation of the show can be made in the arrangement for both the parties by settling on an adequate value rate and keeping up a similar system with a specific end goal to stay away from the loss of viewership for NBC. The achievement of this transaction can be credited to Marc Graboff, who sent a win-win key arrangement which brought about the general advantage of the two parties.

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Questions Covered

1. Who are the parties in the Fraiser negotiation, and what are their interests?  How can various parties influence the negotiation process and its outcome?

2. What is NBC's BATNA?  What is Paramounts's BATNA?  What is your best estimate of their respective reservation prices?  Is there a ZOPA?

3. How can value be created in this negotation, and who is likely to get?  What obstacles might prevent agreement, and how can they be overcome?

4. How should M arc Graboff judge success in this negotiation? As President of NBC West Coast, how would you want to compensate Graboff?