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Taran Swan at Nickelodeon Latin America A Case Solution

Case Solution

Taran Swan, group pioneer of Latin America Nickelodeon dispatch confronted opposing feelings as her specialist proposed to take bed rest for whatever is left of her pregnancy period. Her visionary style of administration persuaded her that her group would work perfectly even in her nonappearance. In any case, there were various dangers joined with her interim removal. Imperative undertakings of Nickelodeon in Argentina and Brazil are offering test to Swan. Forthcoming ventures will turn out to be a breakthrough ever. Subsequently, Swan must be wary about her future activity arrangement.

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Questions Covered

1. What grade would you give Taran Swan for her leadership of the Nick Latin America initiative?

2. How would you describe her leadership approach?

3. What does she do best? What, if any, weaknesses do you see?

4. What are the most important challenges she faces at the end of the case? What should she do about them? Should she appoint someone as interim?